Introducing SoundPrint 2.0!

by SoundPrint Team

The moment has come and we are excited to bring you SoundPrint 2.0! You will quickly notice new and upgraded features plus a refined, overall experience. And an Android version is now available!  

What’s new in 2.0?

  • Enhanced search experience.  Find venues more easily, especially when searching cities remotely
  • Improved search filters. Search using improved parameters such as by sound levels, distance, and venue types
  • Expanded venue categories. Take SoundChecks anywhere! We’ve added categories: gyms, offices, retail stores, arenas, subways and more.
  • Broader worldwide geographic scope:  Friends in dozens of countries including in Europe, Australia, Brazil, India, and S. Africa can now join the quiet mission!
  • Vision-loss friendly. App more accessible to users with vision loss

Important: If you want to keep your SoundCheck history, please read this note here.

Access iPhone Version 

Access Android Version