With new SoundPrint 2.0 version – how to keep your SoundCheck history

by SoundPrint Team

We have released SoundPrint 2.0 version on the App store!

Important note on SoundCheck history

Once you delete your current version of the app and test the SoundPrint 2.0 beta, it is possible you will lose your submission history (located on the ‘My Submissions’ screen of the current app).

As a precaution, please take a screenshot of your submissions.

If you have been registered in the app via your email address, then register in the new app with the same email address after your first SoundCheck and click on “forgot your password” to create an account. Your submissions will be retrieved.

If you have been registered in the app via your username, but with not with email, send us your username and email address to info@soundprint.co and we will update your account.

Unfortunately, if you previously made anonymous submissions, you will likely lose your SoundCheck history.

– The SoundPrint Team