What To Do When You Find Yourself in a Loud Venue

by SoundPrint Team

Does it feel noisy? Having trouble hearing or concentrating?

Time to take a SoundCheck!

If your SoundCheck measures Loud or Very Loud, it’s time to alert venue management 

  1. Present your SoundCheck to the venue manager
  2. Show that you have taken a noise measurement using SoundPrint 
  3. Explain that the noise level is too loud for conversation, and if over 81 dBA that long exposure can potentially cause hearing loss, dangerous for both patrons and employees (including the manager himself). Use the app’s decibel guidelines as a reference.
  4. At this point, request management to lower the music volume or do what they can in the moment to mitigate the noise. If they are unable to make any immediate accommodations, direct them to our website https://www.soundprint.co/venue-managers-tips/ to access practical tips to reduce excess noise.
  5. Success in getting a venue out of the red zone? Share your story with us! We are always glad to promote venues that make an effort to implement good business practices and take the health, safety and accessibility of their employees and patrons seriously.

Why speak up?

Your feedback matters. When venue managers notice a pattern of noise requests, they’re likely to do something about it! You will also positively advocate for hearing health for yourself and your community.