SoundPrint Announces its Initial 25 “SoundPrint Certified Quiet List” of NYC Venues

by SoundPrint Team

New Yorkers finally have a go-to list of quieter, conversation-friendly restaurants during NYC’s summer Restaurant Week

SoundPrint, a recently launched crowdsourcing app that allows people to search for and rate the noise level in restaurants, bars and cafes, has announced its proprietary “SoundPrint Certified Quiet List of New York City venues in time for NYC Restaurant Week, which runs through August 17.

Available nationwide, SoundPrint allows you to Find Your Quiet Place” for a date, business meeting or an intimate conversation with friends and family. The SoundPrint app features a decibel meter for users to­­ measure the noise level of an establishment and submit the results to the SoundPrint database.  Users can also post comments about the atmosphere. The app rates sound levels as: Quiet, Moderate, Loud and Very Loud.

To be eligible for the SoundPrint Certified Quiet List, restaurants must have multiple user submissions at the Quiet or Moderate noise level (75 dBA or lower) during peak days and hours.

The current list of SoundPrint Certified Quiet Spots includes restaurants such as Brasserie 8 ½, Grifone, il Tinello, Junoon, Peking Duckhouse, Radiance Tea House, Scalini Fedili, Tocqueville, Triomphe and 212 Steakhouse. The entire list can be viewed at

Founder Gregory Scott, a New Yorker with hearing loss, created the app after finding it increasingly difficult to find quieter venues where he could hear his dinner dates. He searched existing noise level reviews and found them to be subjective and highly inaccurate. “The SoundPrint Certified Quiet List was created to give restaurant patrons an easily accessible list of noise-friendly venues,” said Scott.  “We are promoting these quieter establishments to help New Yorkers choose where to dine during Restaurant Week and beyond.”