SoundChecking Comes to Samsung Smartphones

by SoundPrint Team

Smartphone users for certain Samsung models now have decibel meter functionality added to their SoundPrint app capabilities!

Users of Samsung’s 8, 8+, 9, 9+, 10, 10+, 10 Ultra, 20, 20+ and 20 Ultra smartphones can access SoundPrint’s objective decibel meter and are able to contribute valuable sound level submissions to enrich the app’s publicly available database.

Users of the aforementioned Samsung models (not including Samsung Note Tablets) simply need to upgrade their SoundPrint app on Google Play and the decibel meter will appear. Users are encouraged to try the new decibel meter feature and share a review on Google Play.

Android users of other models can still take advantage of the app’s subjective rating functionality. Additionally, all users can submit Quiet List recommendations or Noise Complaints for certain venues directly on the app.

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