Our Hearing Partner and Sponsor ReSound’s #MyHearingDay Campaign

by SoundPrint Team

Our hearing partner and sponsor, ReSound, is celebrating the joy of people receiving the hearing care they need, and the lifechanging impact hearing aids can have on an individual’s life with the #MyHearingDay campaign. 

Annie, ReSound’s Digital Engagement Coordinator, has had a bilateral hearing loss since birth and has worn hearing aids ever since she was three years old. She has realized how lifechanging her hearing aids have been for her, as she has never known a life without them. 

Her #MyHearingDay story is a little different than most, as she received her first pair of hearing aids at a young age and does not remember it clearly. Her most recent and most memorable story is from when she received her first pair of Bluetooth hearing aids, which are the ReSound LiNX Quattros

She received her LiNX Quattro pair of hearing aids the summer right before her freshman year of college. Her family wanted her to upgrade her hearing aid technology to help her hear her absolute best during her four years there. 

“Once I tried on the ReSound LiNX Quattros, I was able to hear things clearly and louder than my previous pairs. At the fitting appointment, I was able to hear my parents and audiologist speak without asking them to repeat themselves as often as before, which was wonderful. I think that the ReSound LiNX Quattros are cool since they can be used a headset since they have the ability to stream audio directly from my iPhone, due to the Bluetooth connection. My family and friends are always amazed when I tell them what my hearing aids can do and what type of features that they have. I am blown away every day, too. I am thankful that my family and I chose to upgrade my hearing aids to the pair that I am wearing today,” said Annie. 

Annie is appreciative for all of the support from her family, her Audiologist, her ENT Doctor, and ReSound for helping her hear better on a daily basis. She said that she has never known a life without hearing aids and is grateful for the technical improvements that ReSound has made in their hearing devices since she would not be able to hear as well without them.  

She is not alone in her hearing loss journey; we know that many of you also have a similar story to Annie’s. SoundPrint and ReSound encourage you to share your #MyHearingDay story on your own social media channels. Please use the hashtag: #MyHearingDay and tag @gnresound on Facebook and @resoundus on Twitter while posting. Thank you so much for all of your support and engagement!