Join the SoundPrint Challenge!

by SoundPrint Team

SoundPrint is launching the SoundPrint challenge as we are partnering with select upscale restaurants that want to contribute to the cause in helping the hearing-impaired community find quieter spots and voice concern for loud noise.

Each month, a high-end restaurant will comp a meal to users with the most submissions. We have a high caliber of restaurants lined up throughout the year – you won’t want to miss out.

The January challenge begins now through January 31st. See tips below for how to gain an advantage in the challenge. Note that those located outside New York absolutely qualify for this challenge.


The first restaurant donor-sponsor is Junoon, an upscale Indian restaurant with a gorgeous interior and ambiance in NYC’s Flatiron district. It has been written up in Fine Wine 2017 and Wine Spectator 2016.

From Zagat:  You can dine like a prince at this upmarket Flatiron oasis offering innovative Indian food with rich, complex flavors in a gorgeous front lounge and main dining room; tabs are higher than average, but precise service and a sommelier who knows his stuff up the appeal.  Junoon also is one of the quieter spots in Manhattan (as measured by SoundPrinters).



To participate:

  1. When out at a venue (or walking by and stepping inside to measure), use SoundPrint to measure and submit (download app here)
  2. Points will be tabulated at the end of each month
  3. To opt in to the challenge, send email with subject line “challenge” with your name (you only need to do this once) to
  4. Submissions can not be anonymous – you must register either via facebook, a username or email address on the app after your first submission
  5. Points are tabulated for each submission as follows (more points for taking measurements during evening hours):


SECRET TIPS (SHH! Don’t tell anyone!): 

  1. You do not need to be dining at the restaurant, bar or coffee/tea shop to take a measurement. When walking by a venue, simply approach the hostess and politely ask if you can take a measurement reading so that those in the hearing-impaired communities can discover quieter spots.
  2. You also get 30 additional points by following us on Facebook and another 30 points on Twitter
  3. This challenge is nation-wide, you do NOT have to be in NYC to participate