Data Findings from the Groundbreaking 2021 Find Your Quiet Place Challenge

by SoundPrint Team

October 2021 marked the launch of SoundPrint’s first annual Find Your Quiet Place Challenge. The campaign inspired participants to measure and submit sound level data in their local communities to raise awareness for hearing health and make the world a quieter place.  

Participation included SoundPrint’s global user base along with prominent hearing health organizations such as the American Tinnitus Association, AG Bell, Hearing Health Foundation, and the campaign’s sponsor, ReSound.

  • 2,000 unique venues measured
  • 350 Quiet Places nominated by users
  • 78.1 dBA average sound level for Restaurants 
  • 80.9 dB dBA average sound level for Nightlife
  • 66% of Restaurants and 76% of Nightlife venues are Too Loud for Conversation
  • 35% of Restaurants and 51% of Nightlife venues Endanger Hearing Health

Participants made SoundChecks at 2,000 unique venues, enriching the database and raising hearing health awareness. In addition, users nominated over 350 venues as Quiet! These nominations contribute to SoundPrint’s growing list of Quiet Places (currently at 2,000) by rewarding venues with quieter environments that are safe for hearing and conducive to conversation. Additional data for Coffee/Tea, Retail, Gyms, and Other are below. 

The data collected from the 2021 FYQP Challenge will be used to:

  • Establish an annual, evidence-based benchmark to measure progress of noise pollution efforts across venue categories
  • Disseminate to the public to promote greater hearing health awareness, including organizations such as the American Restaurant Association, the American College of Sports Medicine, and the Association of Fitness Studios
  • Put venue managers (of loud venues) on notice about excessive noise 

For a complete list of FYQP partners, event details and 2022 participation, visit our webpage