8 out of 10 people who could benefit from hearing aids don’t use them. Are you one of them?

by SoundPrint Team

In its latest World Hearing Day (March 3) report, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that, globally, 466 million people live with disabling hearing loss out of which around 430 million people require rehabilitation services for their hearing loss.

Of those who could benefit from the use of a hearing aid, only 17% actually use one.

SoundPrint’s hearing health partner ReSound is proud to promote this year’s theme for World Hearing Day: “Hearing care for all” and support the WHO’s call to “Screen. Rehabilitate. Communicate.” 

Protect your hearing

Through simple measures you can help your hearing stay healthy:

  1. Keep the volume down
  2. Limit your exposure to loud sounds – or use earplugs or noise-canceling headphones
  3. Monitor safe listening levels – Use your SoundPrint app!
  4. Heed the warning signs of hearing loss – early treatment can preserve much of your hearing
  5. Get regular hearing check-ups – get started online right here

Does your online test show you may have hearing loss?

Don’t ignore it! Follow up with an in-clinic test with a Hearing Care Professional. Untreated hearing loss can affect both physical and mental health. It can result in increased social isolation, loneliness and depression, acute or chronic fatigue, relationship issues, and difficulties at work.