2021 Global SoundCheck Campaign

by SoundPrint Team

SoundPrint is thrilled to launch a global SoundCheck Campaign this October to promote safe listening and raise hearing health awareness in communities around the world.

What will happen?
This October, participating hearing health organizations will partner with SoundPrint to engage their communities for a fun, mission-driven competition where users take sound measurements at venues such as restaurants, shops, cafes and parks with the SoundPrint app and submit them to the app’s publicly accessible database. Prizes will be awarded to the most dedicated participants!

Based on the collectively gathered data, SoundPrint will advocate for safe noise levels on a broad scale, including sharing the data with the WHO’s World Hearing Forum. Past SoundPrint campaigns have widely generated hearing health awareness and attracted thousands of participants.

Who is participating?
Members of the World Health Organization’s World Hearing Forum, UK Noise Association, AG Bell, American Tinnitus Association, Audiology Australia and many others will join together to raise hearing health awareness to prevent noise induced hearing loss.

How will your organization benefit?

  • Engage in a community-building activity for your constituents with a hearing health mission
  • Teach participants to gauge whether the environment is safe or dangerous for hearing health
  • Find quiet venues for those with hearing loss and sensory disorders
  • Provide venue managers of loud places with suggestions to optimize their acoustics
  • Presence on SoundPrint’s website and event communications

What do you need to do?

  • Reserve your spot with a “yes” via the form in the link below
  • A month prior to the event, SoundPrint will send you everything you need to share with your community via email, social media or print in advance to promote the cause.

Will you join us? Fill out this form here